Goal Obsessed

I last wrote about taking on the challenge for the end of the year and identifying a goal that was worthwhile to you. Most of us wait until the very first of the year make our New Year’s resolutions, set out to complete them and as we all know, and by February or March they a distant memory.

However, becoming obsessed in a healthy can keep your goals in your life by so they don’t fade away. That process is unique and special to the individual, but the basic process can remain the same for most of us.

Setting goals is a process and needs to be developed if you want to be successful. Most people need to activate their mind and their body in order to hit the mark. This means one or more of the five senses are used such as writing out the goal, speaking about the goal to others, recording it on your phone.

For example, if the goal is to lose a certain amount of weight, writing your specific goal down and figuring out why you want this is an initial start to activate your brain and your value system in the process. You may tell friends for support, again hearing yourself declare the goal activates connection neurologically. If you stay with your plan, it becomes a map to your success. The more repetition and remembrance of “why am I doing this anyway?” will bring clarity and drive to you. As you go further and develop action steps, your goal will begin to permeate more areas of your life.

Good luck in finding the map to your goals and getting a little obsessed.


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