Risk and Reservation

With all the fear in the world, it is east to get caught up in a fear-based thinking pattern. In order to break out of the old patterns, it can be helpful to seek challenges in your life and in your environment. Those who are successful in demanding more from themselves are setting a standard and an unsaid notion of what they are worth. However, fear aside action has to be taken. I talk about commitment to self and the importance of this task as just one of the steps necessary for lasting change in my overall “map” for change. And for fun, I made a map of sorts illustrating the path I am taking and some of the barriers of resources along the way.

  • Set a specific goal and a timeline or some sort of end phase
  • Draw, write, or develop a narrative about why this is important to you
  • Identify steps you have taken in the past that have worked, not worked
  • Identify barriers you may foresee
  • Who is your team? Your support system? Activate them. Tell them what you are going to need
  • What is the first step you might take? A walk? Drinking more water? Putting away some cash? Calling a friend?
  • Take deep breath, remember you are not your past story or anyone else’s story of you
  • Take the first step
  • Celebrate your first win…..repeat!

So there is a bit more in between, but essentially these are some of the steps to get started. If I were there with you, I would have a few more things to say to encourage, validate, and educate you on the this process to increase the feelings of going forward WITH your fears. Yes! with the fear! Keep at it! I want to hear about your successes! Let me know how step one went. It is always the hardest.

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