Specialties include Stress management, trauma and loss, grief, depression, lack of motivation, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, anxiety, limited coping skills, and changing life habits. Services are provided VIRTUALLY to increase convenience, flexibility, and access for many. With secure HIPAA compliant tele medicine software, clients can have the benefit of treatment and support with ease.

  • Provide individualized mindfulness sessions
  • Provide brief assessments to improve quality of life
  • Provide workplace and group workshops and seminars
  • Provide Wellness groups in the community that are affordable and accessible
  • Webinars available online soon



Link coming soon!!!

Have you felt aimless or stuck in these past few months? Stress is a part of life that we cannot avoid. However, in my Mastermind I discuss both positive and negative outcomes of stress and way to manage it that best suit those who may be in the “red zone” and for those who are looking to take there anxiety down a notch or two. Please join me in this educational series that can change you focus and increase positive emotions!!

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