Pushing Through

The end of the year is right around the corner. Some people are sharing with me they are feeling emotions from the “blahs” to overt depression. In that comes our own special way to conquer the day to day way we attempt to manage these feelings.

  • Appreciate the context
  • Give yourself space
  • Take action first
  • Reach out to the “right” person
  • Repeat “It’s ok”

We are going through special, hard times. Our resources may be stretched thin now. Give yourself more room to be and more room to be comforted. You may need more time to take good care of yourself. If you cannot talk yourself into action, just take it. “Legs get up” and take a short walk. Go outside even for a few minutes. Do what you can. Reach out when you have the energy and to who is receptive and can handle the emotion of it all. Some people will not be able to manage the feelings you are experiencing. Choose wisely. And lastly, remind yourself, this is ok, what you are feeling is ok and is natural. We are too good at demonizing our own emotions, thoughts, and selves. Be kind to you.

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