Taking an Opportunity

Psychotherapy involves many risks for both parties involved. The patient, who is usually distressed, is asked to be vulnerable, and trust us with his/her care; a task many will find difficult. The therapist, who hopes to make a positive impact on the individuals he/she serves, must also keep in mind the importance of providing for his/her family. Both parties play role and need to go “all in”. However, it is the therapist who is ultimately tasked with the role of demonstrating the value in taking opportunities. And, it is important to demonstrate to your patients that you “practice what you preach” when it comes to this concept.

Unfortunately, the repetitive nature of the work we do may cause us to overlook the value of taking an opportunity. Yet, new life can be put back into your practice by taking opportunities again and engaging with a whole new perspective. Taking an opportunity is imperative to the therapeutic process, and growth for both the therapist and the client. I want to take this opportunity to invite you to share with me your ideas about your practice needs.

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