About OPC

I have been practicing with a wide range clients for almost 20 years. One of the most gratifying aspects of my job is watching people change and grow in their own lives as a result of their hard work and our partnership and collaboration.  My expertise has been cultivated over the years with trauma, loss, anxiety disorders, stress management, healing as a whole person, and finding your own growth elements.  I enjoy working with both individual and groups, providing workshops, trainings, and ongoing support for the community.  My Wellness in the Park is designed for direct connection with those in the community who want to learn, grow, and connect while providing an affordable way to engage with a level of care that may not be accessible otherwise.   

Optimized Psychological Consulting (OPC) can also provide a variety of options and tools to help providers improve their practice, manage complex cases, and identify growth opportunities as well as individuals and groups manage stress, trauma, loss, and meet personal growth goals and performance needs.  Mental health care has changed over the past 2 years as our world has changed.  Providers need to seek consultation and support to continue to provide ongoing care in their area of specialty.  Contact OPC today for options and group rates. 

Contact today for a brief FREE consultation to assess your needs and find which services will accommodate your needs!

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