The weather here in Florida is not yet fully “Fall” season, but it is coming. With the changes in the weather, there are changes in opportunities for us to make in our daily habits. I have begun my own personal Level Up 2020 challenge to finish the year strong. I set two separate, but related goals to really burn through the rest of 2020 so at the end I can say, “I really did something great here!”.

Reaching goals is usually less about the end point and more about what it takes for us to “become” the person we have to be in order to reach that particular goal. We have to transform ourselves at times, using discipline, determination, consistency, and even missing the mark sometimes in order to find our way to the end. However, once we make it to the end point, we claim “our prize” and find it was the journey of it all that we wanted, needed, and mostly benefited from. The goal is great too!! Remember that we are becoming every time we step out to do a morning workout; we are becoming when we hold fast to the budget we set for ourselves; we are becoming when we follow the plan we set to send the rest of those emails or whatever it is that you are working toward. Keep pushing. Keep becoming and changing into who you really are!!!


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