Taking Charge

Recently, I have noticed many in my practice and in my own life feeling they have reached a place that is repetitive, monotonous, and at times “going no where”. It seems we all must check in with ourselves to identify when these “ruts” are being dug in day to day or rather we are hitting our stride. How does one tell the difference?

I think there are several signs to discerning a rut vs. a balanced ride. One of the most basic indicators is a sense of daily interest in waking up, anticipating the day’s events, and a “look” a head”. This awareness is typically not a sense of dread or sense of lack. When this becomes the standard feeling for each day, a rut is being carved out.

Strategies to decrease burn out:

  • Change day to day schedule
  • Add new activities you enjoy
  • Reach out to a supportive person
  • Plan activities to look forward
  • Journal goals, feelings, ideas

In order to make change effectively, Optimized offers consultation to evaluate the above and assist with life plan to recharge, move out of a rut, and take charge of your life!!

Call today to schedule consultation. You are the manager of your life!!

Everything starts at the FIRST step….take the first step!
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